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Consolidated net income target for 2012 updated to reflect tax measures adopted in France

Rueil-Malmaison - 4 January 2013

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When it published its quarterly information at 30 September 2012, VINCI announced its net income outlook for 2012 as follows (1):

“In terms of operating and net incomes, despite the margin pressure being felt in some sectors and countries, VINCI was targeting levels close to those reached in 2011 before taking into account the new tax and social charges being considered in France.
Ongoing discussions surrounding the proposed 2013 French Finance Law (le Projet de Loi de Finances 2013) imply that these new charges could negatively impact VINCI’s 2012 net income, which could be down by 3% to 4% compared to its 2011 level.”

The 2013 French Finance Law was enacted on 29 December 2012, removing the uncertainties regarding the tax charges applying to 2012.

Consequently, VINCI is updating its consolidated net income target for 2012, which is expected to come in at a level close to that reached in 2011.


2012 annual financial statements will be released on 5 February 2013 after close of trading on the stock market.

(1) Press release of 25 October 2012