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New contracts and current projects 2018


Made-to-measure footbridge in Nottingham

The bridge forms part of a new pedestrian walkway between the Boots campus, in Nottingham’s industrial zone, which also includes a science park, and University Boulevard.

It will also improve access to the university and the Queen’s Medical Centre. While the bridge itself was lifted into place above the tracks in late August, with the help of three cranes weighing 1,000, 150 and 55 tonnes respectively, the 80 m-long ramps leading up to it still had to be installed in October, one on either side.


Handover of the Shieldhall tunnel in Glasgow

The infrastructure project, with a diameter of 4.7 metres and a length of 5 kilometres, is part of a programme designed to upgrade the existing wastewater management system of Greater Glasgow. The new sewer system provides an additional storage capacity of 90,000 cu. metres, the equivalent of 36 Olympic swimming pools, reduces the risk of flooding in the region and boosts wastewater treatment flow.

Nearly 100 people worked for two years to complete the project in a dense urban environment. The 180 metre, 1,000 tonne mixshield slurry tunnel boring machine bored under railway tracks that remained in use as well as former coal mines that required special treatment.


Maintenance of over 2,000 km of roads

The teams will be responsible for 60% of the works to be carried out in the South East with FM Conway and of those in the Midlands with Breedon Bow Highways.

The contract started in May 2018 and will end in 2022.


Transformation of Tottenham Court Road in London (UK)

The contract covers widening the pavements, installing a two-way traffic system, cycle lanes and pedestrian crossings, and new wastewater conveyance systems. It forms part of the West End Project (WEP), aimed at preparing for a surge in the number of people using the road as a result of the opening of a railway station in December 2018.

Handover is scheduled for mid-March 2020.


Extension of a service contract

Under this contract, the company’s teams supply maintenance works for the town’s 1,170 km of roadways and 1,800 km of pavements and its urban lighting, as well as winter maintenance operations. The announcement of this extension follows an audit carried out by the British Standards Institution (BSI), during which Ringway was awarded ISO 44 001 certification, in recognition of the working relationship between service provider and client. The Eurovia subsidiary has been working for the town – one of the biggest in England – since 2014.