News update

New contracts and current projects 2017


A quieter Hydrofraise® for the Thames Tideway Tunnel

Developed by Soletanche Bachy, this new Hydrofraise® is more environmentally-friendly and very much quieter – the diesel motor replaced by an electric motor –, thus minimising the disruption affecting those living near the worksite.

Reminder: the East works package concerns the construction of two sections of tunnel (5.5 and 4.6 km) and five large shafts, for the rainwater and wastewater of East London. Handover is scheduled for 2023.


New waste-to-energy plant

After a steam purge (cleaning of the boiler tubes) on Lines 1 and 2, the turbine tests were carried out in mid-September 2017. Handover of the facility is scheduled for the end of the year. This waste-to-energy plant will process 320,000 t of residual waste per year: after sorting, it will be transformed into electricity, supplying 40,000 nearby homes.


LED lighting for Hertfordshire

A team at Ringway (Eurovia) has designed an innovative mapping tool to supervise the implementation of the project. And, in partnership with the University of Bristol, it has supported a study into the impact on wildlife, notably bats, of the light pollution emitted by LEDs. It appears that LEDs improve visibility and reduce light pollution (and its negative repercussions for wildlife).

Hertfordshire County Council has already modified more than 40,000 street lights. Structural and electrical inspections have also been carried out by Ringway, to check the safety of all the street lights and extend their life. The remaining 70,000 street lights will be converted over the next three years.

With over 110,000 street lights in the course of being checked and converted, this project is the second biggest of its type in the UK.


Repairing bridges in Leicestershire

Eurovia was chosen at the end of a mini-competition in accordance with the Medium Scheme Framework 2 process, a system for awarding contracts set up by the Midlands Highways Alliance.

The first structure covered by this programme is the Whitwick Road overpass, which spans the A50, to the east of the M1 motorway. Eurovia will work together with the county of Leicestershire in planning and implementing the replacement of bearings as well as structural repairs to abutments and piers. The other structures affected by the programme are located along the A50 and A511 roads, in the direction of the city of Leicester.
Contract value: €6m.


Works beside Windsor Castle

The works were carried out within the framework of the annual programme of works – renewed each year since 2014 – for which Eurovia Surfacing is responsible on behalf of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. Teams planed the existing surface (1,800 sq. metres) and replaced it with a 45 mm-thick pavement that includes a 14 mm surface course.
Annual value of the works: €1.2m.

Office building in Cambridge

The contract also covers the creation of a car park and the landscaping.
Contract value: £15.5m.