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Extending a quay

December 2010 - Jordanie


Extending a quay

On 9 December, Soletanche Bachy, a subsidiary of Soletanche Freyssinet (VINCI Construction), signed the contract for the extension of the container quay in Aqaba (the country’s only port, in the very south). The contract calls for the construction of a 460 m long Danish quay (on piles). The works, taking 15 months to complete, will involve the creation of marine embankments by vibratory compaction (190,000 m3), the installation of piles (468 units, 15,500 m), the creation of a concrete slab (15,000 sq. metres), the laying of rails (1,500 m) and the laying out of the container storage area (80,000 sq. metres). Soletanche Bachy subsidiaries Balineau and SolData will be participating in the project, for the installation of the piles and the instrumentation of the test piles respectively.